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Wij zijn altijd erg nieuwsgierig naar de ervaringen van onze huurders en wat ze van hun tijd bij ons vonden.

We are always very curious on what the experiences are of our renters during their stay with us

2 thoughts on “Huurders Comments

  1. The room is big and bright. The apartment is overall is very good conditions and the shared spaces are clean and tidy. The neighborhood is nice and quite and many facilities (e.g. supermarket, parks, ecc) are very close.
    The landlord is nice and always avalable for any help needed.

  2. These shared rooms are situated atop ordinary apartments units through a narrow stairwell, and perfectly embody the Groninger philosophy of mixing the student population in with your average Dutch working/retiree family. You’ll be living in one of the five renovated rooms that once constituted such a family apartment, where you’ll find the spacious kitchen, balcony, two toilets and a bathroom that you’d expect from that.
    For any foreign student more accustomed to facilitated campus living, these are the kinds of room that more easily feel like “home”. Many of them are big, bright and have character.

    This also means these rooms are well-suited to students and residents who appreciate their room as a more quiet, peaceful retreat for studying and unwinding – separate from the tumult of lecture scheduling and away from the option to partake in the boisterous social opportunities presented by an otherwise vibrant student city.

    The location is in a relatively quiet residential area at the edge of City Center, but along a major, wooded thoroughfare, surrounded by many of the City’s parks and little supermarkets. Central Station is at a mere stone’s throw away. Your connection to the universities, student sports, the 24/7 nightlife of City Center and every other amenity imaginable is therefore excellent, even should you choose not to own a bike and turn everything into a 15 minute ride across the many bicycle lanes. (Groningen really isn’t that big.)

    As for the landlord: These are the only student rooms he rents out and the man is the diametric opposite of Groningen’s feared student ‘slumlords/huisjesmelkers’. Jovial, direct and handy with his own wrench, he cares for the goings-about of the place and is readily available if necessary. The renters he picks are usually the peaceful, considerate types and are prone to cooperate into to keep it tidy and in good condition, even as everyone goes along their separate ways.

    Highly recommended.

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